How to Find the Right Match of Escort Service

The process of buying sex services can be intimidating, especially with all the “end demand” stings and “john shaming” in the news. However, buying sex is not illegal or unsafe.

The key is to do your homework and find the right match of escort service. This article will discuss some tips on how to do just that.

Meet in person

It is a good idea to meet in person with your escort if possible. This will help you feel more comfortable and connected to them. This will also help you avoid misunderstandings and confusion later on. It is also a great opportunity for you to talk about your expectations.

On the day of your appointment, show up a few minutes early, but not too early. This will give you time to settle in and get to know her a little. She will likely want to start with a drink to get acquainted and relax.

Once you have settled in, be sure to take the time to make eye contact and flirt with her. This will make her feel special and she will be more inclined to give you a good experience. It is also appropriate to bring a gift for her, but don’t go overboard – just something small that will make her smile.

When it is time for sex, it is important to follow her lead. She will be able to tell you what she enjoys, and she will probably suggest some kinky foreplay before the actual sex. However, if you are uncomfortable with this, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for a full service session instead.

Afterward, it is customary to tip your escort for her time and company. You may want to leave a tip in the form of cash, and she will likely appreciate it.

Ask for references

Many providers may ask for references, which means that they want to know the name and contact information of other escorts who can vouch for you. This is to make sure that you are legitimate and a good client, as it can be difficult to tell someone’s intentions just by talking over the phone or meeting in public.

This is also a safety measure for newbies. Some providers may turn you down if you don’t have two escorts to vouch for you, but most will screen you through other means like employment or verification sites.

Some independent escorts may argue that asking for references is unfair and makes it easy for rivals to steal a client, but this doesn’t hold water. It’s not an unreasonable request, as a provider needs to know that a client is safe and worth taking on. While it is possible to vouch for a client from the last appointment, this can be dangerous because people’s behavior and personalities change over time. For example, a reliable client might become rude or unreliable. It’s always best to be as honest and specific as possible when giving a reference. It’s also important to remember that a provider shouldn’t feel obligated to answer any invasive or irrelevant questions about their clients.