Escort Service For Lonely Men

For some women, buying sex is a fun and fulfilling way to satisfy sexual desires. Others might hire a worker for non-sexual reasons.

Either way, dating a sex escort is similar to dating a regular person. It involves meeting someone, flirting, and getting intimate. But what happens when the sexy session begins?

Getting Started

Any business entrepreneur that wants to make money with the escort industry must write a business plan. This plan should outline strategies that can effectively help them administer and manage their business and provide insight into whether it is a profitable venture or not. It should also highlight the market size and share, saturation of the market and room for growth.

When getting started, it’s important to remember that escort services can be sexual, but not everyone will want sex. Some people will just be looking for companionship or a way to explore non-sexual kinks. In any event, you should always be courteous and respectful.

You should take care of your hygiene and dress nicely. Your escort will appreciate it if you smell clean, use mouthwash and have clean, well-trimmed teeth. Also, remember to be hygienic when it comes to kissing. If you don’t, your escort may be less willing to kiss you or hold you, and this could affect the quality of your play session.

You should also consider if you need to get a license or certificate for this kind of business. Some states and municipalities will require you to have a professional certificate, but most escorts will not bother with this. You should also get a website set up, which can be expensive but will open you up to more clients.

The Meet-and-Greet

Many men feel uncomfortable about paying for a date. They may worry that they are getting into some form of prostitution or sex trafficking, and there’s also the stigma associated with using escort services.

However, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to use an escort service for lonely men. For example, Thomas wanted to spend time with women without having to worry about dating rules that didn’t make sense to him. He was also able to focus on his career more and didn’t have to play Sex and the City games with potential gold diggers.

When scheduling a Meet-and-Greet with an escort, be clear about what you want from your experience and choose a safe place to meet, such as your hotel lobby, park, or restaurant. Bring cash as most escorts do not accept credit cards. When you arrive, put your money in an envelope on the table. Your escort may ask you to wait as she counts the money, so be patient.

The Sexy Session

Once you’ve booked a session, and the nervous wait is over, your escort will arrive at your house or hotel room (or meet you somewhere else if you opted for an in-person play date). Just like a real-life date, it’s a good idea to be clean and neat. You’ll likely be spending time in the bathroom during your session, and your playmate may want to shower afterwards, too.

Most escorts will supply condoms and lube, and they’ll usually be happy to show you how to use them correctly. If you opt for a “full service” session, your escort will likely expect to engage in oral sex with you, but sexual intercourse isn’t mandatory. Even a simple blow job or hand jobs can be fun if you enjoy them.

Owen, a male sex worker who asked to be named only by his first name, started working as an escort about 10 years ago for more personal reasons than money. He said he hoped it would help boost his self-esteem, which had sunk to near rock bottom after his wife left him a decade earlier. Now, he works with mostly women who are in their late 30s to early 50s, as duos or as part of threesomes.

The End

Men who hire escort services for loneliness are usually wealthy gentlemen who want companionship and sex without all the drama of a traditional romantic relationship. They will often hire escorts to accompany them to a party, or even on vacation. However, they should always choose a reputable agency. Individual professionals aren’t vetted, and you have no way of knowing if they have any diseases. In addition, you can’t be sure if they will be safe to touch you. The end goal of this service is sex, but it’s more than that. It’s also about connection. It’s about feeling understood and cared for.